Dear Future Me

Irvin Anneix

Dear Future Me is a work by French artist Irvin Anneix, who invites participants between the ages of 15 and 20 to send video time capsules to their own “future me” 10 years from now.

Alone in their room and in front of their mobile phone, each participant can reveal their biggest dreams and most intimate fears, without taboos. The final edifying result provides us deep insight into the future aspirations of a new generation.

Dear Future Me is a striking work which invites viewers to delve into their past in order to project themselves into the future. We hear common hopes and fears: to be happy, to be loved, to be free from one’s complexes; from the gaze of others, fear of failure or fear of losing a loved one.
Since 2019, hundreds of young French-speakers from around the world have taken part in this adventure. This year, as part of the Portugal-France 2022 season, young Portuguese people have also joined this adventure. You will be able to see their testimonies on the 1st floor of the gallery.

Find “Dear Future Me” on YouTube and Instagram @cher_futur_moi.

Artist bio:

Trained at ENSAAMA in Paris (Ecole nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art), Irvin Anneix produces documentary works. He also creates devices as part of his projects for those without a voice in traditional media, including adolescents, the elderly and intersectional people from working-class neighbourhoods and rural areas.
With a desire to create a relationship between equals, his creative process is inspired by and makes use of social media: casting, creating virtual communities, online training and support, and self-filming. A mirror of our society, the works of Irvin Anneix construct a sociology of today’s youth. His projects reveal a truth and a freedom of expression that documents adolescence from the inside, far from the preconceived ideas we might hold about that age.


A project by Irvin Anneix
Co-production of the Portuguese episodes: Cláudia Alves
Production: Narrative: Laurence Bagot, assisted by Lucie Ouakine Scenography: Bigtime Studio: Marion Ïlament and Jimme Cloo
A project carried out as part of the Portugal-France Season 2022, together with the French Institute and with the support of the Patrons Committee and the Lisbon City Council.
An event organised in the framework of the Portugal-France Season 2022

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