Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously – Syntax

Gonçalo Sena, Michal Budny, Jirí Thýn

colorless green ideas sleep furiously marketa stara condeixa galerias municipais capa

A structure for ideas and thought. A grid. A page composed of tiny little squares. A space where everything has its place – a sheet where a square is a representation of one, whiles the next a representation of another.

Authority and role-play. A strict set of relations, fixed positions and responsibilities in the process of labor and consumption:

producer − creator 1. – ∞. − consumer.

Conscious. An organization of the comprehensible, of what is remembered, of the known and the seemingly familiar. A layer allowing cognition, recognition and structure.

Structure has been replaced by a “mental landscape”, by immediacy, intuition, reaction, dialogue, process, and chaos.

Authority, for an ever-changing set of roles, relations and positions. Ideas develop as a result of an immediate and never-ending process. Meaning as such remains in constant flux, over layering thus the geometric borders of the grid and allowing new entries and exits.

A conventional curatorial language based on classification, categorization, division and rationalization (in other words a key), characteristic for a reading of an exhibition has been exchanged for the poetic, intuitive, performative and spatial. Islands of narrative appear through the transparencies of one work, allowing the materialization of another. A never-ending set of relations, abstraction, “multitude” and a rejection towards syntax and universal interpretation. After all, colorless green ideas do sleep furiously.

Markéta Stará Condeixa, curator

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