Desenhos Longos [Long Drawings]

Filipa Roque

desenhos longos filipa roque galerias municipais capa

Desenhos Longos [Long Drawings] is part of a series of exhibitions that have been presented at Galeria Quadrum under the auspices of the “Budapest Cycle”. These exhibitions present the direct or indirect results of the work developed by Portuguese artists selected for the Exchange Programme Lisbon-Budapest.

Desenhos Longos [Long Drawings] proposes a rhythmic journey of subtle variations of colour alternating with strong organic forms, an intimate drawing on the inner world of painting. The colour extends over the totality of the supports, in an immense desire to cover all the available surfaces. The diversity of formats, the combination in modules, the texture and three-dimensionality of the wood and the irregularity of the paper introduce a spatial aspect to the planes of colour. Small found objects are also presented, which combine with the different collections of forms, colours and textures, exacerbating their pictorial materiality. The sensibility of the stroke and the brushstrokes of colour are transversal to the different materials, summoning a greater proximity, taking the gaze along the long undulating lines, in a vague suggestion of elements from nature. A personal universe emerges, in which one wants to look longingly at all forms.

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With text by
Budapest Cycle – Filipa Roque
José Marmeleira