Dopamine fast – Mínimo global

Roberto Winter


Human beings can be manipulated. This is known to be true since time immemorial. But the scope, methods and implications of that knowledge have recently taken a different turn, now it’s not anymore the case that a reader has to be aware of possible intentions behind the words and between the lines of, say, a newspaper article being read. Instead, there are supercomputers with unimaginable computing power programmed with complex algorithms ready to individually exploit every possible emotional crack, psychological bias and many other features specific to each and every one of us. Winter´s sculptures and films test our ability to distinguish between fiction and reality and to endure consequences brought to our psychological and physiological existence by interacting in the digital domain.

On the occasion of the exhibition Dopamine fast – Mínimo global by Roberto Winter at Galerias Municipais, an artist monograph will be published. The volume features contributions by Caroline Campbell, Denis Maksimov, Roberto Winter and Júlia Ayerbe and includes a preface by Tobi Maier. The publication contains illustrations of the artist’s work and has been edited by Júlia Ayerbe and designed by Yusuf Etiman.

Roberto Winter (1983) lives in Berlin. He holds a BA in Physics from the University of São Paulo and has worked as an artist for a decade. He has had solo exhibitions (such as “Default” at Mendes Wood DM gallery in 2017), been on residencies (at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2018), participated in group exhibitions (“Avenida Paulista”, at MASP in 2017) and film screenings (“VII Semana dos Realizadores” in Rio de Janeiro in 2015; “70th Berlin Film Festival” in 2020), and given lectures (“A case study”, at a. pass, Brussels in 2019), curated exhibitions (“In the shadow of the future”, at the Cervantes Institute in São Paulo in 2010) and seminar series (“1111001”, in different spaces in São Paulo between 2014 and 2015) and edited the magazine “Dazibao”.

You can also watch the two films installed in this exhibition online:

“Dystopia – Neither artificial nor intelligent”, 2020, 45min, video, color, 2-channel audio.

“Flag of convenience”, 2020, 30min, video, color, 2-channel audio.

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Public Programme

Maximize click-through: algorithms and supervision?
Roberto Winter, Júlia Ayerbe, Tobi Maier


With text by
Dopamine fast – Mínimo global
Caroline Campbell, Tobi Maier, Júlia Ayerbe, Roberto Winter, Denis Maksimov-Gupta