Footnote 15: A Prototype

Ana Cardoso, Karin Schneider, Nicolás Guagnini, Union Gaucha Productions, Eileen Quinlan, Igor Krenz, Monika Sosnowska, Jorge Pinheiro, Józef Robakowski, Tomás Cunha Ferreira

Footnote 15: A Prototype is a collaborative project organized by Barbara Piwowarska and Ana Cardoso. The conversation between the two originated at Ana Cardoso’s studio in Lisbon, and is the result of Barbara Piwowarska’s residency in Galeria da Boavista in December 2020. The artists in the exhibition share the language of avant-garde, commitment and inspiration that informs their work transversally, through the interpretation of the spatial, subjective, political and performative aspects of abstraction.

Footnote is an ongoing project by Barbara Piwowarska, commenced in 2010, employing a “methodology of margins”, referencing existing institutions, situations and concepts in the format of exhibitions and interventions. Past iterations include: Footnote 1: Phantom Limb (CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw); Footnote 2: Correction (Silberkuppe, Berlin); Footnote 3: Andrea Fraser (Foksal Gallery, Warsaw); Footnote 5: Screening Space (MUMOK, Vienna); Footnote 6: As Model (Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York); Footnote 10: Museum of the Unknown (Centre Pompidou, Paris); Footnote 11: Volodymirskyi Market (Kiev Art Week, Kiev); Footnote 12: No Medium (Academy of Fine Arts / Exhibitions Bureau, Warsaw); Footnote 14: Angel of History (Casa São Roque, Porto).

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