Maja Escher, Marta Castelo e Virgínia Fróis

Mater is a group exhibition co-produced by Galerias Municipais / EGEAC and the cultural association Oficinas do Convento, presenting works by Virgínia Fróis, Marta Castelo and Maja Escher, whose artistic path has been developed in proximity with the values and materials of this association with more than 26 years of history, based in Montemor-o-Novo.

Mater connects to a subtle, shared dimension in the work of these three artists, in which everything arises from the earth, generating and taking shape on a physical, material, poetic and symbolic levels.
From their places of reference, the artists have collected clay, plants, stones and other natural elements to create a body of as yet unseen site-specific works. They each explore a relationship with the landscape, reflecting on intimate, corporeal and symbiotic processes, the nature and culture of the places we inhabit, and the importance of water or its scarcity with respect to life and permanence in a desertified territory undergoing constant transformation.

The exhibition will be on show in the Pavilhão Branco until 11 June 2023 and is curated by João Rolaça, a member of Oficinas do Convento.

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