O Estado do Sono

Susanne Themlitz 

o estado do sono susanne themlitz galerias municipais capa

Produced in partnership with Culturgest and Vera Cortês Art Agency, the solo exhibition by the artist Susanne S.D. Themlitz, O Estado do Sono [The State of Drowsiness], continues the contemporary art programme of Pavilhão Branco.

Since the mid 1990s Susanne Themlitz has been constructing a very particular iconographic, narrative and fictional universe populated by fantastic organisms, beings that mix and coalesce the categories of the animal and the human. In her work, a vast repertoire of references – from literature to cinema, from children’s stories to mythology, from wonder to science fiction – fuses with a careful and ironic observation of human beings and their personality traits.

Susanne Themlitz has explored various means of expression, especially sculpture, drawing and video. Not infrequently her work translates into installations that either bring together a multiplicity of sculptures or combine different means of expression. For O Estado do Sono [The State of Drowsiness] (2006), a profusion of sculptures, including an extensive family of heterogeneous and unusual figures, converted the space of Culturgest (Porto) into a dreamlike universe in a state of suspension. The installation now finds, within the very different architectural framework of Pavilhão Branco, a favourable context for its presentation.

The installation is accompanied by a book, produced and published by Culturgest, which includes numerous photographs of the installation and an essay by Ruth Rosengarten.

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