O Gosto Solitário de Gravar [Ana Galvão: The Solitary Joy of Printing]

Ana Galvão


The solo exhibition by Ana Galvão presented at Galeria Quadrum is an anthological exhibition (1987 – 2017), which presents approximately 65 works. Much more than a theme, an idea, a profound work, a technical research, a fruitful creativity, The Solitary Joy of Printing is about the research of ideas, as well as concepts of sharing experience and practice from over thirty years that the artist has occupied the studio 17 at Palácio dos Coruchéus.

In the work presented, two moments are key: one to document chronologically, the Solitary Joy of Printing, the national and international recognition through its awarded and edited works, and the other, to witness the alchemy it performs when engraving on a copper surface… with the freedom of those who dominate the media, in a subtle harmony, materialized in the works that turned her work into a reference in Contemporary Engraving.


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Ana Galvão: O gosto solitário de gravar - Anthological Exhibition 1987-2017
Sara Antónia Matos, Célia Bragança, Cristina Guerra, Cristina Azevedo Tavares, Américo Silva, Manuela Cristóvão