Parting with the Bonus of Youth – Maumaus as object | a solo show by Maumaus



The exhibition brings together several works of art to render in an attempt objects of interest alongside notions of art and pedagogic complexity visible in an exhibition. The presented artworks (as well as the presented in the context of art) objects of interest ‘function’ on their own, while making a nod and a wink to the idea of the documentary through negotiating the terms of art, education and the exhibition itself. Serious caricaturisation may be on the cards.

The objects are ambiguous, their meanings oscillating between non-art and non-non art objects, referencing exhibition displays, the art market, parking problems, audiences, Badminton, the height of the ceiling of the Maumaus gallery Lumiar Cité, a Portuguese pastry (half the diameter of a rice cake), furniture, beech framing, Enver Hoxha writings at the United Nations Headquarters in Genève (Alberto Toscano), and notions of translation, libraries, film and society, Inside Man in Spike Lee’s film, news channels, conversations between cherry Family Guy pickers and photo-copy machines, football museums, unionist Maria João, artists Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and João Viotti, the ethno-poet Hubert Fichte, Pina Bausch’s failed millipede dance, and the theorists and filmmakers Alexander Kluge and Manthia Diawara.

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Public Programme

Film screening “Happy Lamento” (2018, 90’)
Alexander Kluge
Film Screening
Avenida da Índia Gallery
Conversation within the context of the exhibition “Parting with the Bonus of Youth – Maumaus as Object”
Jürgen Bock, Simon Thompson, Tobi Maier
Avenida da Índia Gallery


With text by
Parting with the Bonus of Youth – Maumaus as Object
Stefanie Baumann, Filip De Boeck, Sabeth Buchmann, Avery F. Gordon, Tobi Maier, Maumaus, Manuela Ribeiro Sanches, Gertrud Sandqvist, Alberto Toscano, Giovanbattista Tusa, Emily Wardill