Pedro Chorão – O que diz a Pintura [What Painting Says] (1971-2016)

Pedro Chorão


Galerias Municipais present ‘Corpo a Corpo com a Pintura’ (‘A Body-to-Body Skirmish’), a group of paintings by Pedro Chorão, at the Galeria do Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional. A group of his drawings, ‘A Torto e a Direito’ (‘Every Which Way… But Loose’), are presented simultaneously at the Fundação Carmona e Costa. Together, these two exhibitions compose the retrospective ‘What Painting Says (1971-2016)’. Curated by José Luís Porfírio, this exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the Municipal Galleries and the Carmona e Costa Foundation.

Pedro Chorão continues a work that spans more than forty years of painting. Varying in scale and support, his drawings on paper seem to represent a search, while his paintings on canvas, incessantly invent a space. It is this double register that the viewer encounters in the two venues where this exhibition is presented:

At the Torreão da Cordoaria Nacional a ‘Corpo a Corpo com a Pintura’ (‘A Body-to-Body Skirmish’) exhibits works on canvas, dated from 1971 to 2016. They are presented in analogy with documentation and a selection of photographs from Alentejo. Together this body of works reflects a path that prioritizes the pictorial over chronology, and the construction of the painting over the figurative or the narrative.

At the Carmona e Costa Foundation, the works on paper presented under the title “A Torto e a Direito” (Every Which Way… But Loose) are more experimental and small-scale exercises. Here the cutting, tearing, gluing is visible, as is the permanent sense of construction, an order in the chaos that is constantly manifested.

This exhibition, curated by José-Luís Porfírio, was based on a proposal by Paulo Henriques to the Councillor for Culture of the Lisbon City Hall.

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Public Programme

Guided visit to the exhibition by the artist Pedro Chorão and the curator José Luís Porfírio
Pedro Chorão, José Luís Porfírio
Guided Tour
Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional


With text by
Pedro Chorão: O Que Diz A Pintura
José-Luís Porfírio, Pedro Chorão, Fernando de Azevedo, Rocha de Sousa, Alexandre Pomar, Jorge Silva Melo, Paulo Henriques