Strange Attractor

Geum Beollae 금벌레, Isabel Carvalho, Joana Escoval, Nobuko Tsuchiya 土屋信子


Departing from the premise of the impermanence of matter, that always changes state and transubstantiates in a constant cycle of mutation, this exhibition brings together four artists who explore the transformative potential of the natural world. Geum Beollae 금벌레, Isabel Carvalho, Joana Escoval and Nobuko Tsuchiya 土屋信子 present newly commissioned sculptures and installations that intersect in an elemental circuit drawn in the Pavilhão Branco, in resonance with the surrounding garden.

Developing a body of work with strong affinities to oral and cultivation traditions, sculptural narration and the materiality of chance, the invited artists explore the alternating morphogenetic states of natural elements and their multidimensional attributes, as well as the intimacy of their uncertainty, ephemerality and turbulence. As such, they germinate aesthetic grammars that merge with each other, in this exhibition that allows for a mutual confluence between practices, invoking a space of formal experimentation that cannot be governed by precise or static rules.

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Public Programme

Crystals in the Sludge, Concept as Transformation
Esther Leslie, Margarida Mendes
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