The Colonies will be Countries

Délio Jasse

The solo exhibition of Délio Jasse ‘The Colonies will be Countries’ makes an overview of the artist’s diverse approaches of archive material, from sculpture, to immersive sound and projection environments, to cyanotype and photographic installation.

His multimedia image-based work, takes as a starting point registers from the Portuguese colonial period in Angola, such as images, postcards, texts of official documents, administrative stamps.

Délio Jasse photographs photographies, revisiting the processes in which the image develops its power of persuasion and delusion. He appropriates and de-contextualises discarded vernacular images and documents, turning the gaze from what is depicted in the images (and their anecdotal value), upon the viewer himself : the photographic camera of the colonial photographer. This exhibition reflects on the many ways in which the codes of representation construct the politics of the visible and the way in wich images not only reveal, but also occult ‘the real’.