Through Wet Air

Catarina Dias

In her solo exhibition Through Wet Air at the Pavilhão Branco, Catarina Dias presents various large-scale paintings on paper and images printed on fabric, as a continuation of her artistic work thus far, putting into practice a careful examination of the confrontation between the experience of what is immediately observable and apparent, and the understanding of what is imperceptible and invisible, which is embodied through language. These are paintings in which we glimpse ghosts that guide and orient us – the word phantom stems from the Greek word phantázō, meaning ‘to make visible,’ derived from the verb ‘phaínein,’ meaning ‘to show’ or ‘bring to light’ – that call for attention, vigilance, proposing a contemplative mood that encourages us to reflect on the deepest concerns that are woven into and inextricably entangled with our definitive condition: that of being human.