Materials Bank

The Municipal Galleries are an integral part of the diversified artistic context of the city of Lisbon. With five galleries operating as a network, the programming has taken shape in the presentation of exhibitions, performances, discursive proposals, concerts and workshops, in a close and ongoing relationship with the various people and organisations active in the area of culture in the city.


In 2021, the Municipal Galleries decided to create a materials bank with the aim of making temporarily available exhibition and related support materials to not-for-profit cultural associations, artists and independent curators. In the long time they have been active, the Municipal Galleries have brought together a significant collection, much of which is in storage and can be shared. The aim is thus to adopt the principles of circular economy by reusing materials. This will apply in particular to the plinths, display cases, chairs, tables, stationery and materials left over from interventions in the gallery spaces.


Requests will be considered on a case by case basis and we suggest that those interested, individuals or organisations, register via email to: This email can also be used in case of any queries.