Exhibition walkthrough “Footnote 15: A Prototype”

Ana Cardoso, Barbara Piwowarska

Footnote 15: A Prototype is a subsequent iteration of Barbara Piwowarska’s ongoing project „footnote“. This chapter was organized together with Ana Cardoso and resulted from discussions at her studio in Lisbon, that turned into a long-term collaboration between artist and curator. They both share an interest in the work of Polish-Russian avant-garde sculptor Katarzyna Kobro in relation to contemporary art in Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and United States.

Cardoso will speak about her artistic practice, paintings, manipulative compositions, and site-specific installations presented on both floors of Galeria da Boavista. Piwowarska will focus on the footage film by Union Gaucha Productions (Karin Schneider and Nicolás Guagnini), the polaroids by Eileen Quinlan, the sculpture and prototypes by Jorge Pinheiro, the video installation by Igor Krenz, a historical video by Józef Robakowski, a contemporary sculpture of Monika Sosnowska, and the site-specific intervention by Tomás Cunha Ferreira.

Ana Cardoso is an artist based in Lisbon and New York. Cardoso’s practice provides a singular take on abstraction, performance, and installation through the reinterpretation of painting in both specific and varying contexts. She is currently preparing a solo exhibition for Maat Museum in Lisbon to take place in the coming fall season.

Barbara Piwowarska is a curator and art historian specialized in the legacy of avant-garde and in contemporary art. Since 2019 she has been programming new art center Casa São Roque (CSR) in Porto in Campanhã, as its artistic director and curator, and which opened in October 2019 with the exhibition of Ana Jotta INVENTÓRIA. In 2017 she curated the Polish Pavilion for 57th Venice Biennale with Little Review by Sharon Lockhart. Since 2010, she has run the Footnote project, a series of itinerant exhibitions and interventions referencing existing institutions, situations, and concepts.

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Curated by
– 30.04.2022
Footnote 15: A Prototype
Ana Cardoso, Union Gaucha Productions (Karin Schneider, Nicolás Guagnini), Eileen Quinlan, Jorge Pinheiro, Igor Krenz, Józef Robakowski, Monika Sosnowska, Tomás Cunha Ferreira
Barbara Piwowarska
Boavista Gallery