Accessibility: how to build an identity

Vasco Araújo, Escola Secundária Rainha Dª Leonor


In 2018/2019 Acessibilidade: como construir uma identidade (Accessibility: how to build an identity) by Vasco Araújo culminated in a demonstration on the street with the pupils, and the publication of a book; this project was developed in partnership with Rainha Dona Leonor Secondary School.

The programme Accessibility: how to build an identity, has been developed and oriented by Vasco Araújo at the invitation of Galerias Municipais as part of the DESCOLA programme. Together with a group of forty students from the Rainha Dona Leonor School, Vasco Araújo developed four sessions of exercises debating themes such as Citizenship, Borders, Freedom/Equality and Recognition. These sessions led to a performance/demonstration in April 2019 during which students from 10th and 11th grade took posters to the streets featuring phrases and words originating from their previous debates. On the occasion of this programme, a publication was published featuring texts by Maria Teresa Cruz, Mamadou Ba, Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro as well as Tobi Maier.