Book launch “Eternally Collapsing Objects”

João Ferro Martins, Ana Teresa Ascensão, Tobi Maier

joao ferro martins objetos em eterno colapso galerias municipais fotografia fabio cunha

The Municipal Galleries present the publication which accompanies João Ferro Martins’ solo exhibition, Eternally Collapsing Objects, which was on view at Pavilhão Branco between 12 November 2020 and 24 January 2021. The exhibition was curated by Tobi Maier and the publication consists of a vinyl record and a text booklet featuring a text by Tobi Maier alongside installation views from the exhibition. The vinyl record contains the following four tracks: Left/Right; Infinite Density; 29 Words; and Resonant Events, all written, recorded and mixed by João Ferro Martins.

“As Ferro Martins suggested, his work transpires the notion of bodies being played, of bodies following a sculptural score. The viewers’ path through Pavilhão Branco and the habitual Möbius strip style visitation layout of this emblematic space has been adhered to. Echoing José Miranda Justo, the spectators experience can only be measured in analogy to the work presented here, and these experiences will always be different because of the varying memories we bring with us with regards to images displayed and metaphors triggered here.”

-Tobi Maier

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Curated by
– 24.01.2021
Eternally Collapsing Objects
João Ferro Martins
Tobi Maier
Pavilhão Branco