Catalogue presentation and conversation about the exhibition “Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios”

Ângela Ferreira, Ana Balona de Oliveira

This conversation between the exhibition curator Ana Balona de Oliveira and the artist Ângela Ferreira has been organized for Ferreira’s exhibition “Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios” at Galeria Av. Da Índia. Simultaneously the exhibition catalogue, designed by Barbara Says…, will be presented. The exhibition Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios presents several works by means of which Ângela Ferreira (Mozambique, 1958) has been investigating, celebrating, and problematizing the decolonizing and revolutionary utopias of the euphoric period of nation building in Mozambique, particularly during the years that span the independence (1975) and the beginning of the civil war in 1977.


Curated by
– 25.09.2016
Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios
Ângela Ferreira
Ana Balona de Oliveira
Avenida da Índia Gallery