Conversation and Videos Oficinas do Convento

Tiago Fróis, João Rolaça, Tânia Teixeira, Sara Antónia Matos

As part of the Public Program of the exhibition Mater, the Municipal Galleries organize a conversation about the cultural association Oficinas do Convento, with the presence of Tiago Fróis (artist and artistic director), João Rolaça (programmer and curator of the exhibition) and Tânia Teixeira (architect specializing in earthen construction), moderated by Sara Antónia Matos (director of the Municipal Galleries).

This conversation will address the values, history and some activities of the association Oficinas do Convento, headquartered in the Convent of S. Francisco in Montemor-o-Novo, which has been developing over more than 26 years, a close relationship with its territory and the resident and transit community.

Some videos of the association’s projects will be shown, as a motto for conversation between the public and stakeholders.