Covered by sky / Landscape in a line – Festival Temps d´Images

Gustavo Ciríaco, Luciana Lara

In an era where human action in the globe has acquired a geological force, more and more we’re faced with the urge to fight this back, to repair what has been done. Repairing normally involves the idea of recovering, of reinstalling something that has been lost. Dealing with natural resources, the danger of its total loss through extinction places us in the big dilemma of dealing with something beyond ourselves, beyond our comprehension. Artists, more than anyone else, have dealt with Nature’s sublime and its ungraspable consequences on their senses and emotions. Witnesses of a kind, artists have poured the ephemeral into their artworks.

COVERED BY SKY is a transdisciplinary project centered on the relationship between landscape and art with a view to creating a collection of installations and performances designed by the Brazilian choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco in collaboration with artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Portugal and the UK. The project’s challenge is to invent ways of translating and re-installing landscape experiences through installation and performative devices. The challenge, therefore, is the possibility of providing the general public with a privileged view of the fabrication of space by artists from different fields of art, from music to photography, from dance to visual arts.

Designed for indoor (halls, galleries) and outdoor (courtyards, parks or gardens) public spaces, the collection of interactive installations and performances invite the visitor to poetically re-enact milestones landscapes lived by artists. In this edition of Temps d’Images, we premiere the second art work of the collection, PAISAGEM EM LINHA/LANDSCAPE IN A LINE, based on the landscape experience of Brazilian choreographer Luciana Lara.

Landscape in a Line

Durational performance

From the Brazilian central plateau to the profound canyons of Serra da Mantiqueira, from the urban plan of the projected city to the world of the natural volumes, the summer vacations would begin with a journey through steep reliefs, dense forest and highways with the blue sky framing the contours of an ongoing drawing. Between the dream of Brasília´s utopian architecture and the natural world of the senses, the line united them in contours, territories and horizons.

Through a game, a group of performers activates the lines of a landscape in the horizontal plane of the floor of a gallery.

Gustavo Ciríaco

Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro/BR) is a Brazilian choreographer and time-based artist, whose work moves between the performing arts and the visual arts, performance, architecture, anthropology and landscape art. His works have been seen at festivals such as Crossing the Line/New York; Casa Encendida/Madrid; Serralves Museum/Porto; Mercat de Flors/Barcelona; Paris Quartier d´Été; Ferme de Buisson/Paris; Al-Mammal Foundation/Jerusalem; Frankfurt Schauspiel/Frankfurt; Walk & Talk Arts Festival/Ponta Delgada; London Festival; Battersea Arts Centre; Laban Centre/London; Alkantara, TNDM II; Culturgest; Fundação Gulbenkian, Teatro Maria Matos/Lisbon; Tokyo Wonder Site/Tokyo; Taipei Digital Art Center/Taipei; Haus der Kulturen der Welt; Tanz im August/Berlin; Panorama, Centro Cultural do Brasil, Rio Cena Contemporânea, Atos de Fala/Rio de Janeiro; FADJR/Tehran; SESC São Paulo; Itaú Cultural/São Paulo; LIverpool Biennial/Liverpool; NAVE/Santiago, San Art/Saigon, FIDCU/Montevideo; Salon 44/Pereira; Fabric/Fall River.

Luciana Lara

Luciana Lara (Niterói/BR) is a creator of contemporary dance, founder, choreographer and director of Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança (1988). She also works as a researcher, teacher and dramatist. Master in Arts from the University of Brasília – Unb. Specialization in choreography and choreology at the Laban Center in London (1996-1998). Degree in Performing Arts from the Faculty of Arts Dulcina de Morais.

Her work is recognized for its hybridity, experimentation, movement research, transdisciplinary approach with non-artistic fields and dialogue with the visual arts. Main studies: dramaturgy, creative processes, the body-city relationship and new media and formats (choreographic installation, urban intervention, site specific, internet and books/publications).

She created more than 20 works for A.S.Q. Dance Company. Latest outstanding works: Togetherand separated, In Flesh and concrete – A choreographic installation, Chameleons, Bags on the head and Daily Microutopias Agglutinating the Place. She develops art education projects, audience transformation and training of interpreters and creators. She is the author of the book Archaeology of a creative process – A Choreographic book.

She has been touring in Brazil and internationally in festivals such as: BITEF – Belgrade International Theater Festival (Belgrade- Serbia), DDD+FITEI in Porto- Portugal, Mladi Levi International Festival (Ljubljana- Slovenia), Zurich Moves! (Zurich – Switzerland), FIAC Bahia, Bienal de Dança do Ceará – De par em par, Festival Panorama, MIT sp, Festival Internacional Vivadança, Cena Contemporânea – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Brasília, Movimento Internacional de Dança – MID, Mostra de Dança XYZ, Festival Internacional da Novadança, Bienal SESC de Dança, Festival Expande Dança, Marco Zero – Festival Internacional de Dança em Paisagens Urbanas, Modos de Existir, Festival do Teatro Brasileiro de Teatro, FITAZ – Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Paz.

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