Experimental Pedagogies Workshop: Rebel Islands – Zapatista Autonomy

Lorena Tabares Salamanca

Rebel Islands is an experimental workshop about collective poetics, social movements, and alternative models of organisation.
Can we challenge our desire for competition and rivalry? The invitation is to build together common goals through the game Zapatista Autonomy.
We invite you to participate in these rebellious archipelagos made up of multiple characters among cards, Zapatista figures, snails, and various pairs of dice. In this board game utopia, it is possible to build autonomous societies based on mutual agreements on economy, education, government, and health, as well as models based on new social principles. The characteristic poetics of the Zapatista movement as well as its seven principles of self-government are a reflection of the permanent defence of existing ecologies of life, between political representation and the balanced distribution of resources according to the needs of each geography. Since 1994, this anti-capitalist movement has woven, through community and cooperative bonds, a resistance that seeks to motivate transformations in the conditions of imbalance and civilisational crisis on the planet.


Curated by
– 28.05.2023
Emancipation of the Living
Alfredo Jaar, Colectivo Ayllu (Alex Aguirre Sánchez, Leticia/Kimy Rojas, Francisco Godoy Vega, Lucrecia Masson e Yos Piña Narváez), Frame Colectivo (Gabriela Salhe and Agapi Dimitriadou), Raquel Lima
Museum for the Displaced
Boavista Gallery