Experimental Pedagogies Workshop: White Blindspot

Frame Colectivo, Maribel Mendes Sobreira

The city I inhabit also inhabits me. White Blindspot is a workshop that questions colonial narratives embedded in Lisbon’s architecture and urban landscapes. It uses an inverted image device to build together tools that allow us to have a more balanced reading of the constitution of the public space. How do our individual and collective narratives intersect? Together we will turn the world and our blind spots inside out.

We will use the installation calibration, on the first floor of the exhibition at Galeria da Boavista, to together dismantle ideas and perspectives that have been transmitted to us by the city. This is an invitation to analyse how our perception and memory of places are influenced by the political narrative inscribed in the streets we inhabit.


Curated by
– 28.05.2023
Emancipation of the Living
Alfredo Jaar, Colectivo Ayllu (Alex Aguirre Sánchez, Leticia/Kimy Rojas, Francisco Godoy Vega, Lucrecia Masson e Yos Piña Narváez), Frame Colectivo (Gabriela Salhe and Agapi Dimitriadou), Raquel Lima
Museum for the Displaced
Boavista Gallery