Noites de Verão [Summer Nights]

Jay Mitta & Ant Vairas / Cookie Jane, Herlander, Menino da Mãe, with King Kami


Opening of the live music program with an unprecedented show featuring on stage some of the most restless young bodies and minds of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: Cookie Jane, Herlander and Menino da Mãe, accompanied by King Kami. Each author and performer will take their turn for a performance of their most recent songs and rhythms; it’s not a freshmen class, it’s a celebration of voices with fearless dreams.
Jay Mitta is one of the leading producers behind Sisso Studios and has developed a unique approach to Tanzania’s hyperkinetic dance music Singeli by combining it with hip hop influences. In addition to his indispensable role in building the Nyege Nyege Tapes label and collective, he is considered to be one of the main figures to turn to for Singeli productions In Dar-Es-Salaam.. His frenetic music and DJ-sets are intensified on stage by the voice and charisma of MC Ant-Vairas.

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