Noites de Verão [Summer Nights]

BLEID, Pedro Tavares, Rudi Brito, Noiva and Polido with Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa


Following the work developed with the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group during our 2021 edition, and with the intention of regenerating the avant-garde didactics of its co-founder Jorge Peixinho, we invited five young national composers of experimental electronic music, music education led by auto-didactics and intuition, for an artistic residency with the group. During 10 days of work with the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group and its Artistic Director and conductor, the artists BLEID, Noiva, Pedro Tavares, Polido and Rudi Brito engage in a process of translating the orchestration sheet for live interpretation by GMCL.
GMCL was created more than 50 years ago with the purpose of disseminating, interpreting and contextualizing the contemporary music made by Portuguese composers in a pedagogical manner.
BLEID is an electronic music producer associated with the queer artistic community around Rádio Quântica, the collective mina and the Planeta Manas venue.
Noiva, affiliated to the emerging Colectivo Colinas is based in the city of Setúbal, and will reconvene the collaboration with GMCL that started during the Summer Nights in 2020.
Pedro Tavares is an audio-visual artist whose solo discography is signed under his alias funcionário and is also part of the duo Império Pacífico.
Polido has been focusing his practice on sound as material and tool to approach and articulate questions of language, archive and music history.
Rudi Brito is also a visual artist, has been active in the underground duo Yong Yong and regularly releases music under the moniker Luar Domatrix.

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