Noites de Verão (Summer Nights)

Sereias + Sirius


Self-described as “an intersection between kinesis and a dead landscape in a savagery of post-aquatic-jazz-punk”, Sereias is a Porto based band. While a broader part of the country wasn’t looking – neither listening – not even from the distance, they released the scathing “País a arder” (translates as “The country is burning”) in 2019. Paraphrasing the label’s press release, its core is “the stinging poetry of António Pedro Ribeiro, poète maudit, anarchist, ex-presidential candidate, in constant collision with the muddy, electronic and immersive ambiences of the sonic chewers that accompany him.” Provocation by vocation, agitating in order to start conversations, their battlefields are there to confront and fight pre-established norms and conventions. Be those lukewarm, putrid, within rock n’ roll, or within public discourse, are all a program so that we do not enter so quickly into this dark night.

Sirius are the duo of Yaw Tembe on voice and trumpet and Monsieur Trinité on percussion. Tembé, born in Swaziland and a Lisbon resident for several years, has also briefly lived in Porto while enrolling at the Fine Arts academy to study Sculpture. As an artist he has developed a multi-disciplinary work rich in collaborations, and is also a trumpet player with one of the most beautiful tones among Portuguese horn players. Monsieur Trinité is a legendary Portuguese improviser performing an important role in local music since the 1970’s with his fabulous Plexus, his work with Sei Miguel, the Variable Geometry Orchestra lead by Ernesto Rodrigues, or the work initiated by Sirius. The Clean Feed label released their exceptional debut opus “Acoustic Main Suite plus The Inner One” in 2018. The record features music recorded during two live sessions at the National Pantheon three years prior to the release.

Sereias “País a Arder” (2019, Lovers & Lollypops) –

Sirius “Acoustic Main Suite Plus the Inner One” (2017, Clean Feed) –

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