Ana Mira, Carolina Vieira, Catarina Claro, Cecília Vieira de Freitas, Francisco Janes, Hélder Folgado, Maurício Pestana Reis

To mark the closing of the exhibition On the edge of the landscape comes the world, produced by Galerias Municipais in partnership with PORTA33 and the Post-Graduate Course in Art Curatorship at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA University of Lisbon | Institute of History of Art (NOVA-FCSH), a screening of the film Porta by Francisco Janes followed by a conversation with Ana Mira, Carolina Vieira and Hélder Folgado will take place at the Pavilhão Branco. The film director and the directors of PORTA33, Cecília Vieira de Freitas and Maurício Pestana Reis, will be present for the screening.

On the islands of Porto Santo and Madeira, a group of artists, researchers and teachers meet with children and young people to explore teaching through art. Vivid visual fragments and musical drawings provide an encounter with Porta 33, an institution that has been active for 30 years in its native territory. From the daily life of the people who design the future of the Porto Santo School and work day by day in Funchal, we travel together for a fleeting moment through the basalt and Laurisilva landscapes. Like shadows, simple actions and traces reveal the true nature of Porta and its mission. First in the communication of natural ideas for self-knowledge: childhood and drawing. Then in the creation of a unique place where art and nature intersect for a new beginning and the same purpose: the vital project of a school for the future.

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– 31.08.2021
On the edge of the landscape comes the world
Bruno Côrte, Ção Pestana, Carolina Vieira, Dayana Lucas, Duarte Ferreira, Filipa Martins, Hélder Folgado, Hugo Brazão, Hugo Olim, Joana Viveiros, Mariana Marote, Miguel Ângelo Martins, Nuno Henrique, Ricardo Barbeito, Sara Rodrigues, Tiago Casanova, Vítor Magalhães
Collective of Curators from the Post-Graduate Course in Art Curatorship at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA University of Lisbon
Pavilhão Branco