Silence and the voice

Jacira da Conceição

We are islands inhabiting other islands.
The being waits in silence for the oracle as if waiting for rebirth.
Earth body to water spirit.

Pedro da Conceição


“The Guardians
from the (central) navel of the world
Conceiving a sculpture or a sculptural ensemble is always a challenge. And a very delicate one when it comes to ceramics. This has everything to do with chronological time and with the time it takes to create, fulfilling operations and techniques, until the final touch, decided by both the work and its authors.
Think about the birth of ceramics and its intimate relationship with gesture, sign and time.
Recognise in clay an ancestral support for writing, a transitory vehicle between sound, phoneme, syllable, word and sentence. Think of mathematics, calculus as the first form of writing, the invention of the numeral. Think of the need to transform sounds into signs. The wind carries the words, the same wind, or perhaps another, also returns them. They are composed of sound, the spoken words, the written words are made from clay. The air is the channel through which the words move, the clay is the material that gives body to the gesture.
My relationship with ceramics is mostly shared with another person. And often I am alone. A learning process that coincides with the discovery of ourselves as people, two artists and a life in common, learning together. Clay is unity, it is creation and sharing, it is ancestrality. From the outset it invites contact with the material, which is
● earth, water, air and fire, containing in itself all the formal or informal possibilities, in an unlimited creative availability”

– Jacira da Conceição


Curated by
– 15.01.2023
The State of the World: The Museum of the South Atlantic
Assaf Gruber, Charbel-joseph H.Boutros, Gisela Casimiro and Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino (ROD), Jacira da Conceição, Jonathan Monk, Juraci Dórea, Luisa Mota, Marcelino Santos, Márcio Carvalho, Maxim Malhado, Tenzin Phuntsog, Tuti Minervino, works from ethnographic collections, as well as publications by the Portuguese philosopher and educator Agostinho da Silva
Marcelo Rezende
Pavilhão Branco