Stage reading of “O Retorno”

Mónica Calle, Pedro Santos Guerreiro

A stage reading of Dulce Maria Cardoso’s book O Retorno [The Return] by actress and theatre director Mónica Calle, followed by a conversation with author and journalist Pedro Santos Guerreiro.
«Dulce Maria Cardoso, probably the most important writer of her generation, publishes O Retorno, the first serious literary reflection on the 500,000 returnees who landed in Portugal in 1975. While the Angolan writer happens to be one of them, this is not a “settling of accounts” with the past. Perhaps, however, it is a settling of accounts with her work.»
José Riço Direitinho, Público
The book O Retorno won the special Literary Critics’ Prize in 2011 (Ler|Booktailors) and was named Book of the Year by the newspapers Público, Expresso and the magazine Ler.


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– 29.02.2016
Return: Traces of Memory
Alfredo Cunha, André Amálio, Bruno Simões Castanheira, Joana Craveiro and Manuel Santos Maia
Elsa Peralta; co-curator: Joana Gonçalo Oliveira
Avenida da Índia Gallery