Talk + Launch of the catalogue “As Coisas do Mundo são Rocha” [The Things of the World are Rock]

João Gomes da Silva, João Pinharanda, Maria Capelo

The launch of the exhibition catalogue for the exhibition ‘As Coisas do Mundo são Rocha’ will take place on April 12, at 6.30pm, in the Pavilhão Branco. For a conversation organized on the occasion, landscape architect João Gomes da Silva will join the artist Maria Capelo and curator João Pinharanda.
Maria Capelo works on the idea of landscape in different dimensions. The exhibition at Pavilhão Branco features paintings of scenes similar to groves of trees, paths, and landscapes without a visible horizon. Installed over the two floors of the gallery, the exhibition also features drawings of the artist’s meticulous observations.


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– 28.04.2019
As coisas do mundo são rocha
Maria Capelo
João Pinharanda
Pavilhão Branco