Temps d´Images – Ensaios para livro-caractere #4 da luz e #5 do corpo

Sara Vaz, Marco Balesteros

The Municipal Galleries present the performances “Ensaios para livro-caractere #4 da luz e #5 do corpo” at Galeria Quadrum. The performances are part of the programme for the 17th edition of Temps d´Images Festival. These two performances are directed, choreographed, and performed by Sara Vaz and Marcos Balesteros. They premiere at Galeria Quadrum during two session on November 28 at 9.30pm and November 29 at 7.30pm.

ENSAIOS PARA LIVRO-CARACTERE [REHEARSALS FOR THE BOOK-CARACTER] is research in the form of five tests. Its idea is based on the double sense game contained in the word “character”. On the one hand a character can be a typographic symbol, the core element in the writing, a letter, a number, or a punctuation mark. On the other hand, and if we look at the Greek origin of the word – KHARAKTER – we find the definition in a metaphorical sense of “mark, impression or symbol in the soul”. The performances presented here approach the Light and the Body as characters (characters) that assume two distinct forms: a scenic form and an editorial form – an artist’s book. Stage and Book are understood as sites of an essay and provisional text.