Through a common place of our own

Francisco Pinheiro

Within the context of the exhibiton Catarina Botelho, qualquer coisa de intermédio, the Municipal Galleries invite you for walk with Francisco Pinheiro through the Campo Grande park and the Telheiras neighbourhood.

This afternoon walk takes us through the Campo Grande park (now called Jardim Mário Soares) and the Telheiras neighbourhood. Along the route, we will propose some simple activities involving observation and listening that aim to encourage reflection on the city and its public space. This walk calls for a place and a time, where surprise, chance and experimentation form part of a shared city experience.

Francisco Pinheiro is a visual artist whose work is based on collective narratives associated with a specific territory, taking the form of installations, videos, texts and performances. His exhibitions and collaborations include: Lisboa Soa 2019; FUSO/Annual International Video Art Festival, Lisbon (2019); Não é ainda o Mar, Convent of Corpus Christi, Gaia (2018); Os Índios da Meia-Praia, Galeria 111, Lisbon (2016); Sob um sol de agulhas at the Camões Institute, Lisbon (2016); The Sand Reckoner, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA (2013). 
KAMAL: Francisco Pinheiro was published by Sistema Solar during 2018 and received support by the Carmona e Costa Foundation. Pinheiro is part of the West Coast collective (2014), with which he has created, coordinated and produced various projects. West Coast is a nomadic collective for research and artistic creation, focusing on territory and its different aesthetic, cultural, social and environmental dimensions.  He holds a MA from the San Francisco Art Institute (USA, 2014) and a degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (2005). 

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– 05.07.2020
Something in Between
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