To write the unwritten in an approach to fiction?

Omar Thomaz and Raquel Ribeiro

The conversations organized within the context of the exhibition R-humor  at Galeria da Av. Da India will feature guests with different experiences within the fields of cultural activism, journalism, film research, photography and history.

The challenges offered by an archive for the operation of its incompleteness and the devices developed to work on issues that involve intense struggle find themselves on unstable ground. These issues are raised in the exhibition R-humour  with a decentralised perspective of the dominant disciplinary tradition. Photographic collections, films, essays and exhibited documents will be the starting point for a conversation with each of the guests, whose interests and career paths overlap to some degree with the research that Simão has carried out for the exhibition R-humour and which invariably involve the history of Southern Africa and Mozambique, but also European countries such as Germany and Portugal in particular.

Galerias Municipais invite you for a series of conversations between the artist Catarina Simão and guests: Tania Adam, Leonel Matusse, Raquel Ribeiro, Omar Ribeiro Tomaz, Caio Simões de Araújo, Filipa Lowndes Vicente and João Pedro George.


Curated by
– 21.06.2020
Catarina Simão
Cristiana Tejo
Avenida da Índia Gallery