Alexandra do Carmo: Tudo Foi Captado (Mesmo os Movimentos do Cabrito)

Alexandra do Carmo

This publication accompanied the exhibition Alexandra do Carmo. Tudo foi captado (mesmo os movimentos do cabrito) [“Everything was captured (even the movements of the goat)”], which was on view between September 24, 2011 and January 22, 2012 at the Quadrum Gallery. This volume contains reproductions of the works exhibited and the transcriptions of their texts, as well as an essay by the curator of the exhibition, Catarina Rosendo.

“One of the questions that this project raises (and that is intimately related to the successive challenges that over the years the artist has made to the way that the communal notion of audience works) is to examine how the aesthetic options of a particular moment, moulded as they are by institutional and individual representations of a varying nature, interact with other aspects of a given society in the creation of its cultural patrimony. The stories recorded by Alexandra do Carmo refer to some of the most intense episodes experienced by the Quadrum public.”

– Catarina Rosendo

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