André Romão, Pedro Neves Marques, Eduardo Guerra

This publication accompanies the exhibition Anti-Totem, a project by André Romão and Pedro Neves Marques, with works by Diogo Evangelista and Eduardo Guerra, which was on view at Galeria Quadrum in Lisbon between September 26 and November 14, 2010.

“Anti-Totem is the figure of the inevitably current destitution of modern retrospection and prospection, and of an exchange for the multidimensional coexistence permitted by contemporaneity, which is also the potential encounter of the avant-garde with conservatism, of the progressive with the anachronist, of those who are (temporarily) of their time and those who are outside of time. It is thus that the anti-totem emerges as the negation of the museologisation of the modern past, framed by dialectics such as centre/periphery or avant-garde/anachronistic. In short, by a whole range of modern divisions.”

– André Romão and Pedro Neves Marques