Aqui e Além

Michael Biberstein, Rui Sanches

This catalogue documents the two-person show Aqui e Além [Here and Beyond] by Michael Biberstein and Rui Sanches, which was on view at Pavilhão Branco from February 24 to April 10, 2011. This volume features brief biographies for the artists and photographic documentation of the works on view. The six paintings by Michel Biberstein and four sculptures by Rui Sanches were all produced or selected precisely for this occasion. The exhibition also featured a piece made in collaboration by the two artists: entitled Aqui e Além [Here and Beyond], this work lent the title to the exhibition.


Curated by
– 10.04.2011
Aqui e Além
Michael Biberstein; Rui Sanches
Pavilhão Branco