Budapest Cycle – Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa

Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition From the Foundations to the Sky by Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa, which was on view at Quadrum Gallery between 20 March and 11 May 2014. This exhibition was part of the Budapest Cycle, an initiative of the Lisbon City Hall in partnership with the Municipality of Budapest. Through this program, two Portuguese artists were selected to develop an artistic project during a one-month residency in Budapest and two Hungarian artists were selected to develop a project also during a one-month residency in Lisbon. This volume contains photographic documentation of the works exhibited, including exhibition views, and a text by José Marmeleira.

“In each of the installations that make up Desde as fundações em direcção ao céu we find (photographic, geometric, metonymic) ‘representations’ of a single construction. ‘I thought it would be interesting to work on different views of the same space. The idea of overlapping, or juxtaposition, is present throughout this project. The overlapping of places, ideas, historical periods and representations of particular spaces in various ways. I believe that this structure, in which ‘different views’ are arranged, might in some way enrich the project by constructing an abstraction, on the one hand, and revealing the concrete reality that I aim to evoke, on the other’.”

-José Marmeleira

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