Horta Vertical dos Coruchéus (Vertical Gardens at Coruchéus)

Mediation and Public Programs / Galerias Municipais

This publication documents the educational project Horta Vertical dos Coruchéus (Vertical gardens at Coruchéus), an urban gardening project initiated in 2015 and installed on the wall of the garden next to the Quadrum Gallery. This publication presents drawings that resulted from an educational workshop with students from the Coruchéus Elementary School in the academic year 2018-19.

“During the spring and summer periods the garden receives visits from 1st year school groups for interdisciplinary educational projects and activities. The drawings presented here (Chinese ink on rice paper, derived from plants collected in the garden) were produced within the context of one of these projects by the students of the Coruchéus Elementary School during the term 2018-2019.”

– Mediation and Public Programs / Galerias Municipais

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