Immediate Objects

José Pedro Croft

This publication accompanies the exhibition Immediate Objects by José Pedro Croft, which was on view at the Torreão Nascente Cordoaria Nacional and at the Carmona e Costa Foundation, between October 24, 2014 and January 11, 2015. This volume features essays by the curator of the exhibition Delfim Sardo and by Amador Veja as well as João Silvério.

“The sculptural object, this strange entity – both figure and battery, affirms itself as it establishes the place of its presentation by “absorption” – producing a fine irony on the vexata quaestio of the form and autonomy of the sculptural object, removing from its activation field the modernista prolegomena to all future art, and, paradoxically, ostensibly bringing the fiction of the sculptural object as an immediate object, one that clearly excludes the mediation of metaphor, of allusion.” 
– Delfim Sardo 

“The work of art is a proof of true life, of the life spiritually born over and over again. It is the proof that the only transitory thing is life understood as a being. The work of art, however, offers the ontological dimension of life by placing the beginning on its most risky pace: the one that is unchained from the irreversible, from silence, from the opaque density of the void, to become the aircraft that is Croft’s sculpture.” 
– Amador Vega 

“This exhibition by José Croft can be understood as na essay in two volumes: two intersecting working spaces that continuously race toward each other, and correlate within the unit of time unified by the amplitude of the artist’s work. Their two-dimensional and three-dimensional materialization engulfs the viewer in a continuous corporeal movement, caused by the encounter with drawing, sculpture, print, books, or the materialization of the image as matter and memory of the artist’s action.” 
– João Silvério 

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