Lugar Falhado

Inês Botelho

This publication documents the solo exhibition Gapped Place by Inês Botelho, which was on view at the Pavilhão Branco between 1 February and 9 March 2008. This volume contains photographs of the works exhibited and texts by Cláudia Taborda and Susana Gaudêncio.

“Inês Botelho’s installations and performance work make use of ongoing experimentation regarding the perceived boundaries of space, whether real or imagined. […] The “spatializing” in Botelho’s work is unequivocal; she makes use of geometrically simple and easily identifiable elements and systems: the point, the line, the plane. These elements pervade all her realities and populate the non-boundary space, creating a specifically new space: derived space.”

– Cláudia Taborda

“Botelho’s constructions utilize pre-existing elementary forms that come from researching architecture. Since they have been born out of discipline, these forms seem to have sprung from some ancient, slow and elaborate understanding of space and how it is drawn and constructed.

– Susana Gaudêncio

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