O Caso

Jorge Queiroz

This catalogue has been published for the exhibition O Caso [The Case] by Jorge Queiroz, which was on view at Pavilhão Branco between March 28 and May 31, 2015. This volume features photographic reproductions of the exhibited works and an essay by Maria Filomena Molder.

The case is not properly the title of a series, but the key to a riddle, a secret hidden in plain sight in each one of the pieces, glimpsed through the unpredictable, though expected and even known as inevitable, rapports between them, their mutual influences and the peculiar memories these actions generate: variations between themselves, variations on the early drawings, on previous canvases. Pores, a few traces of moisture in the core, putrefactions and resurrections.”
– Maria Filomena Molder


Curated by
– 31.05.2015
O Caso
Jorge Queiroz
Pavilhão Branco