Pedra, papel e tesoura  [Stone, Paper and Scissors]

Belén Uriel

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Belén Uriel: Stone, paper and scissors, which was on view at the Pavilhão Branco from March 16 to May 19, 2013. This volume contains photographic documentation of the exhibition and the works presented, as well as a text by Bruno Marchand that reflects and contextualizes the artist’s work.

Stone, Paper and Scissors is the most recent stage in Belén Uriel’s thorough and systematic reflection on this paradoxical quality of modernism’s aesthetic inheritance. Her project has been, to a large extent, an investigative archaeology of functionalism and its repercussions on the way that we manage and evaluate the material relationships that govern a substantial part of our daily life. Rather than simply observe its symptoms or consequences, the artist has recently become interested in establishing a critical perspective of the structures and mechanisms through which these phenomena became inscribed in the imaginary of the Western world and, simultaneously, exploited within the framework of a political dialectic which managed to subvert all its revolutionary potential.”

– Bruno Marchand