Tone Scientists + Guests, Projecto Teatral, André Guedes

This publication accompanies the exhibition PLAY, a project conceived by Ana Anacleto and Bruno Marchand in collaboration with Tone Scientists + Guests (Rui Toscano, Rui Valério + Fernando Fadigas, João Paulo Feliciano, Rui Gato, André Pinto, Augusto Sanches), Projecto Teatral (João Rodrigues, Maria Duarte, Helena Tavares, André Maranha, Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida) and André Guedes. PLAY took place between June 23 and September 18, 2011 at Galeria Quadrum.

“Taking place at three different moments and presenting works developed specifically for this context, the exhibition PLAY was the result of encounters between Tone Scientists, Projecto Teatral and André Guedes and the space, history and memory of Galeria Quadrum. Avoiding the models of simultaneity and confrontation that are usually associated with collective exhibitions, PLAY was the substratum of three unique reflections on the Effect that notions of staging, play, performativity and interpretation encourage both in the creative process and in the experiencing of a work.”

– Ana Anacleto e Bruno Marchand 

“The gallery’s period of economic prosperity was very brief. The April revolution changed everything. Faced with a sharp drop in sales, Dulce D’ Argo decided that the gallery’s programme would take a more experimental direction. It was the graphic artist Fernando Libório who helped Dulce D’ Argo to convert this space into a “lit up, white, stripped down and practical environment”, in the words of the painter Fernando Azevedo, who also worked on the opening of the gallery. At the time, Quadrum was certainly one of the most important galleries in Lisbon.”

– André Guedes

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