Shadow City 

Fernando Martins

This publication accompanies the homonymous exhibition on view at the Galleries of Torreão Nascente of Cordoaria Nacional between June 18 and August 28, 2016. This bilingual edition features photographs by Fernando Martins and a preface by António Mega Ferreira. 

“Fernando Martins’ photography forms part of this fractured and fundamentally inquisitive way of seeing the urban landscape, uncovering multiple motifs in natura and design, each one removed from the context of its original function. Martins’ photographs portray aspects of the urban landscape that are out of synch with time, meaning they are at once remnants of a time and ravaged by time. In a way, these are “oddities” in the Baudelairian sense; everything that appears before us belongs to a narrative, the meaning of which escapes us all that remains is what’s left after the initial concept has worn away or become dissolved in a kind of half-light, the afterglow of the spotlight that once illuminated them.” 
– António Mega Ferreira 


Curated by
– 31.08.2016
Cidade Sombra [Shadow City]
Fernando Martins
Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional