Stefano Serafin: Art In A State Of War

Stefano Serafin

This publication documents the exhibition «Stefano Serafin: Art in a State of War», curated by Paula Pinto, which was on view at the Galeria Av. Da Índia between 8 March and 12 May 2020. Stefano Serafin: Art in a state of War features reproductions of the artists work alongside essays by the curator and Tobi Maier.

“Always provocative, Stefano Serafin’s images expose histories that museums have preferred to silence: war, destruction and political and cultural neglect. As artistic heritage is recovered, documentary photographs – conveniently used as a means of definitive preservation – come to reveal the process by which that heritage is transformed and acknowledge the displacement of cultural value in different contexts and periods of time.”

– Paula Pinto, curator

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Curated by
– 26.05.2019
Stefano Serafin: Art in a State of War
Stefano Serafin
Paula Parente Pinto
Avenida da Índia Gallery