Uma e Outra Vez

Luís Paulo Costa

This catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition Uma e Outra Vez [Once and Again] by Luís Paulo Costa, which was on view at the Pavilhão Branco between April 11 and July 20, 2014. This volume contains photographic documentation of the exhibited works, including installation views, as well as texts by Amy Zion and Óscar Faria.

“People talk a lot about the endless consumption of images. After seeing Costa’s exhibition and thinking about that gum, however, I think the artist provides a more prescient metaphor. After all, I don’t really consume anything that comes through my screen, it happens too quickly. As soon as it comes in, it’s chewed and spit back out. In a sense, Costa’s process mimics this behavior through an analogous, slowed down painting process. When all is said and done, it’s the paint that makes this idea tangible, and, therefore, digestible.”

– Amy Zion

“While the works in “Once and again” owe much to the understanding of the pictorial as a site where the conflict between making and looking is resolved – remember that all of the pieces without exception are categorised as “painting” – it is no less true that this achievement takes place in the field of language. The name of the exhibition, the titles of the works and the expression “painted over” constitute so many other moments in which the discourse reaffirms, on another level, the performative aspect of the show and, by extension, Luís Paulo Costa’s most recent work.”

– Óscar Faria

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