An incantation fixed at its culminating point

Kasia Fudakowski, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Rachel Pimm, Zoë Paul 


The Open Call for Young Curators has been launched by Galerias Municipais in 2016, with the objective to foster, disseminate and supporte contemporary artistic creation in the city of Lisbon. The programme underlines the importance of young curators as key mediators alongside new generations of artists. Galeria Boavista hosts four winning curatorial projects over the course of a year.

An incantation fixed at its culminating point is a group show curated by Inês Geraldes Cardoso that presents the work of Kasia Fudakowski, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Rachel Pimm and Zoë Paul for the first time in Portugal. The title is based on the definition of mimesis by the surrealist author Roger Caillois and the exhibition explores the contemporary relevance of passing for someone, or something, else. If on the one hand mimicry is a strategic defence mechanism, on the other it involves risks for the one attempting to blend in.

The artists’ moving image, sculptural installations and paintings range from satirical, to symbolic and investigative responses that play on the aesthetic allure of mimicry, in dialogue with Caillois’s idea of camouflage as a magical art. These works draw the audience in, only to prompt viewers to interrupt moments of visual incantation, and consider the complex issues implicated in processes of impersonation, re-enactment, metamorphosis, assimilation and invisibility.

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With text by
An incantation fixed at its culminating point
Sara Antónia Matos, Inês Geraldes Cardoso and Kasia Fudakowski