ARCO Madrid 2019

Isabel Carvalho, Ramiro Guerreiro 

The Lisbon City Council, invited Antonia Gaeta to create a project room for ARCOmadrid 2019. The independent curator developed a project with the portuguese artists Isabel Carvalho and Ramiro Guerreiro.

“Remember that every beginning is an invention of the mind! My grandfather repeated over and over this phrase, he said it was from Paul Valéry and that the author, because of an intellectual and sentimental crisis, had preferred to replace the coeur [heart] with the cerveau [brain]. My grandfather didn’t really like Valéry’s style but I would have liked to look alike Monsieur Teste. My grandfather always sat in the same chair in front of a big window that looked at the Majella irradiated with light and told me: every time I go to Venice and enter the church of San Marco, I imagine it is the last one and I say goodbye with the melancholy of definitive separations. My grandfather was blind but he liked to sit in silence and contemplate the beauty.”

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