Camera Lucida

Ramiro Guerreiro and Thierry Simões


Camera Lucida emerged from a chance encounter in this very space several years ago. We then realized our common desire to exhibit the Quadrum gallery with almost nothing inside. We offered and afforded ourselves the possibility to walk inside the glass box, within the transparencies and reflections that compose this place. There are minimal gestures. Glass doors open to the garden and the patio. Functioning as an exception to the regular rhythm of the gallery structure, a slab is placed between two pillars, on top of which photographs are displayed. These are documents of a double presence. Two bodies and reflections move inside and outside the camera. “Images of one body are reflected on another body, shown in a protuberant body (exception), and become part of the all-encompassing body (gallery). Visitors can view the photographs without entering the gallery space. They can cross the space perpendicularly to its central nave, or gaze from the courtyard through the gallery towards the garden.


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Camera Lucida