Canal Caveira

António Bolota, Bruno Cidra, Gonçalo Barreiros, Gonçalo Sena

canal caveira galerias municipais capa

Canal Caveira is a collective project by four artists – António Bolota, Bruno Cidra, Gonçalo Barreiros and Gonçalo Sena. The construction of this project was based on a shared effort, taking as a starting point a series of issues that interested these artists in the field of sculpture. Their works touch on classical issues of this discipline such as matter, weight, lightness, transitoriness, but they also touch on contemporary issues of display, reformulation and interdisciplinarity.

The construction of a group exhibition was understood here as a possibility for experimentation and shared authorship, a possibility for building a body of individual works, which do not exist without the other, which also exist within the social and friendship relationships that are established with peers.  The works presented here were constructed in a workshop divided by all and are a result from a permanent discussion on display and presentation, and questions on how to maintain an individual body of work that results in a collective project.

The exhibition can be thought of as a constellation of new works by the four artists who encounter a site for presentation in the large spaces of the Torreão Nascente of the Cordoaria Nacional. Canal Caveira is not a site or context specific project, but rather a process of daily production by each of these artists

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Public Programme

Guided Tour “Canal Caveira”
António Bolota, Bruno Cidra, Gonçalo Barreiros and Gonçalo Sena
Guided Tour
Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional


With text by
Canal Caveira / Sala dos Gessos
Ana Anacleto, João Mourão, João Pinharanda, Jorge André Catarino