The Listening Biennial

Abdellah M. Hassak, Alejandra Canelas, Alexandre St-Onge, Arendse Krabbe, Ariel Bustamante, Arnont Nongyao, Aya Atoui, Ayọ Akínwándé, Ayumi Paul, Bernardo Rozzo, Dirar Kalash, Griselda, Sánchez, Hasan Hujairi, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Igor Jesus, Jason Kahn , Landra (Sara Rodrigues com/withRodrigo Camacho), Lucia Herbas Cordero, mamoru, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, Planetary Listening, Rouzbeh Akhbari, Sary Moussa, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui , Tara Fatehicom/with Pouya Ehsaei, Teresa Barrozo, The Observatory, Victor Mazón Gardoqui, Yara Asmar, Yolanda Mamani Mamani, Zorka Wollny


The Listening Biennial draws attention to listening as a relational capacity, a philosophical and political proposition, a creative practice, and research framework. Conceived as a global project and aiming at a curatorial collective construct grounded on sharing, reciprocity and exchange, the second edition of the Biennial includes the exhibition of 27 audio works – works – which are fully sound-based, without visual or physical presence -, experimental performances, and discursive events presented across a constellation of collaborating institutions and venues, where listening and locality are accentuated, and cultural specificities contribute to a greater ecology of attention. From critical storytelling, experimental noise, and musical rapture to acoustic care, interspecies contact, and environments of sounded matter, the Biennial presents itself as a listening microcosmos co-inhabited both by differences and commonalities.

Partner institutions and venues of The Listening Biennial:

Galeria Quadrum; Hangar; Antecâmara; Brotéria; Stolen Books (LISBOA/LISBON); Errant Bodies (BERLIM/BERLIN); AMEE (MADRID); Lydgalleriet (BERGEN); Listen Gallery (GLASGOW); Center for Cultural Decontamination, Radio Belgrade (BELGRADO/BELGRADE); Amek x Easterndaze (VARNA); École d’art Université Laval (QUEBÉQUE/QUEBEC CITY); Museum of Contemporary Art (TORONTO); Gasworks (ISTAMBUL/ISTANBUL); Beirut Art Center (BEIRUTE/BEIRUT); Sonic Spaces (CAIRO); Space21 (CURDISTÃO/KURDISTAN); Bakeriya Space (COLOMBO); University of the Philippines Fine Arts Gallery (MANILA); Alitaptap Artists Village (FILIPINAS(CAVITE, PHILIPPINES); Silpakorn University (BANGUECOQUE/BANGKOK); Multimedia University (KUALA LUMPUR); Arts Center Akita (AKITA); Instituto Camões (TÓQUIO/TOKYO); Culture Secretary of Jalisco (MÉXICO/MEXICO); soundpocket (HONG KONG); SomaRumor (RIO DE JANEIRO); CASo – Centro de Arte Sonoro (BUENOS AIRES); Municipal Secretary of Cultures La Paz (BOLIVIA); Tsonami (VALPARISO); Infrasonica (ONLINE)

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Public Programme

On curating immateriality
Brandon LaBelle, Luísa Santos
Quadrum Gallery